"They are my first choice for the total package!"

I thoroughly recommend Chuck and Suzanne Green for any of your breeding and training needs . They  have trained four of my horses, bred my mare, and delivered several foals . They train my young ones until I am ready to take them on. With the combination of natural horsemanship and English riding, I get a horse that is pleasant on the ground and responsive to my aids.  They both are extremely knowledgeable and kind.  They are my first choice for the total package!  Connie Blythe (Hunter Rider)

"Thanks to them both Zeb and I are safe, happy, and developing our full potential."

I never thought I could find anyone who could care for my Zeb exactly as I would if I still had the ability. As much as I needed and loved my Zeb, deficits and new life challenges after a brain injury made handling my young warmblood unsafe for me and unfair to Zeb. Chuck and Suzanne put care of their horses first - mind and body. They take the time to develop those wonderful, unique equine partnerships. Thanks to them both Zeb and I are safe, happy, and developing our full potential. Fishing Creek Warmbloods is a haven of natural beauty in an industry that often gets caught up in forcing quick, temporary results instead of nurturing long term beauty and health. Love them! Patricia Celley (Dressage  Rider , Eventer, and Traumatic Brain Injury Surviver)

"Chuck and Suzanne are incredible horse trainers!"

Chuck and Suzanne are incredible horse trainers! They establish a relationship of respect and trust between human and horse that's built on compassion, confidence, and consistency rather than the "old ways" of intimidation and fear. They are priceless!  Maria Bailey (Trail Rider and Aspiring Dressage Rider)

"Highly recommend them to enhance your relationship with your horse."

I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life at Fishing Creek Warmbloods and at 62 that is saying a lot! Danny, my 9 yr 17 hand OTTB and I were there for 60 days. We were not a finished product when we left but had achieved much toward respect, manners, and how to maintain this training. Chuck and Suzanne are firm but patient and encourage the owners to participate as much as possible. The proper equipment, technique, and timing plus individual treatment of your horse is everything. I highly recommend them if you have been thinking about enhancing your relationship with your horse.  Karen Merrill (Eventing/Jumper Rider)

"Their kindness gave me my life back."

I have been wanting to tell Chuck and his beautiful wife, just how much they changed my life.  I don't remember how I found him, but I had to wait a year for him to train my horse.  My horse had already been to trainers in the past, but because of a traumatic brain injury and all of the medication I was on I quit riding.   I really thought I would never ride again.  Even after they knew about my brain injury, it didn't stop them from helping me when they saw that I was doing something wrong.  Because I have short term memory loss, they would come and teach me again and again until I  remembered what I did wrong and what I did right.  Now my guy and I go riding all the time.  I just want them to know that their kindness gave me my life back.  Thank you Chuck and Suzanne Green.  Victoria Ledger (Trail Rider and Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor)